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Discover “Yoshinkan Aikido” and open your mind to Endless Possibilities.


The Bushinkan Dojo is pleased to offer Yoshinkan Aikido classes in Stewiacke, Nova Scotia. Sensei Todd Fleck has been practicing Aikido for 31 years and focuses on traditional teaching methods and reinforcing positive personal ethics.


These are Just a few of the
Lifelong Benefits of Aikido

Better Coordination

You will be able to perform complex movements smoothly and effortlessly. The practice will help you become more aware of your own body, allowing you to learn about your limits and strengths.


It takes time and consistency to learn the art of Aikido. To succeed at anything requires commitment and discipline. As students become increasingly involved, they develop greater discipline.

Increased Confidence

Aikido teaches you to learn to control your own body and mind, which helps boost your confidence. You will also gain confidence through the development of your physical skills.


The Bushinkan Dojo

The Bushinkan Dojo was formed in 1993 by Jim Arsenault Sensei at the direct encouragement of the dojo council at the Seidokan dojo in Georgetown Ontario and endorsed by Honbu Dojo and the International Yoshinkan Aikido Federation (now Aikido Yoshinkai Foundation) in Japan. The name Bushinkan reflects the attributes that surround any martial art as well as the connection the head instructor has with the Canadian Armed Forces, it encompassed the values on which the dojo was built.

The Bushinkan is an internationally recognized Dojo registered at the Honbu (World Headquarters) who have sanctioned it's name and provided its registration. It is important that the name of a dojo embodies the spirit of those who train there. There are three characters in the Bushinkan name, Bu stands for "martial", as in Budo (or 'way of warrior', 'way of the martial arts'). Shin stands for 'truth', usually refers to the 'core' of something. Kan meaning house or place. So the name of our dojo represents 'the house of seeking the truth (or core) behind the martial way (budo).


Check out what our students
say about Bushinkan Dojo!

Doug M

Aikido has been fantastic for me! I count myself lucky that Bushinkan Dojo came to Stewiacke. Aikido is a great workout; both mentally and physically. With more than a year of Akido under my belt so far, I’ve seen an increase in my strength, agility, endurance and, confidence. I wasn’t sure that it was something I could do in my 40’s but have quickly discovered, through Aikido, that I’m capable of a lot more than I thought possible!

Todd Fleck Sensei is an amazing teacher. His combination of dedication, passion, enthusiasm, humour, knowledge and, patience makes learning from him both fun and easy. He has an understanding of different learning styles and is able to tailor his teaching methods to each individual in order to get the best results possible.

One last thing to mention is the value for the cost. This is frighteningly affordable! For everything that I get from Aikido, it’s a steal! I can’t recommend Akido, Bushinkan Dojo and, Todd Fleck Sensei enough!

P.S. You can try a class for free! See you on the mats!

Doug M.

Jeremy G.

Sensei Todd Fleck provides a friendly, supportive Dojo where children and adults can learn and practice Aikido at their own pace, building confidence and self-respect.

My 13 year old son and I started attending class at the Bushinkan Dojo in early January 2021.

The atmosphere is fun, positive and relaxing while also being focused.

Stewiacke is fortunate to have an affordable Martial Arts program and I strongly encourage the local community to try it!

Jeremy G.