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Todd Fleck Sensei

Todd Fleck, 5th Dan

The Bushinkan Dojo Owner and Chief Instructor, Todd Fleck is a 5th Degree Black Belt whose international teaching licence and Black Belt certificate were issued by the Honbu Dojo in Tokyo, Japan. Sensei Fleck began his Aikido training in 1993 under Sensei Jim Arsenault. In 2005 Sensei Arsenault retired from Aikido and passed the dojo to Sensei Fleck. Sensei Fleck ran the Bushinkan Dojo in Trenton Ontario until 2010 when his military career moved him to Nova Scotia. There he continued his training with Sensei Steve Nickerson 7th Dan, at the Makotokan dojo and Sensei Dan Boyle, 4th Dan, at the Wasenkan Dojo in Stirling Ontario. In 2020 Sensei Fleck moved to Stewiacke and reopened the Bushinkan Dojo. Sensei Fleck received his Yondan, (4th Degree Black Belt) and Instructors Certificate in 2016 from Sensei Nickerson at the Makotokan dojo and his Godan, (5th Degree Black Belt) at the Bushinkan Dojo in October 2022.

While serving in the Canadian Forces, Sensei Fleck has had the opportunity travel the world and has taken advantage of that fact. Always having his dogi packed and ready to go he has been able to train at such locations as:

  • Burnaby B.C. with Sensei Robert Mustard - 8th Dan
  • Paris, France with Sensei Jacques Mugurza – 8th Dan
  • Sacramento, California with Sensei Steve Miranda - 7th Dan
  • Oxford University Aikido Club
  • Belgium Aikido Club
  • The Hombu dojo in Tokyo Japan

Sensei Fleck held the rank of Master Warrant Officer in the Canadian Air Force and served his country for 32 years. He has been part of several different operation such as OP PALLADIUM in Bosnia (NATO Peacekeeping) 7 months, OP Athena/Archer in Afghanistan and South West Asia (International Security Assistance Force) 14 months and CFS Alert, 6 months. In 2004 he was selected to specialize as a CC130 Hercules Loadmaster and has flown with 436 Tactical Flying Squadron in Trenton, Ontario and with 413 Search and Rescue Sqn in Greenwood, Nova Scotia accumulating over 4000 flying hours.